ViO's LONG RANGE VP ELDER BURST PVE(RAID) BUILD dps pve pvp spellslinger
Spellslinger Guide by VioTrio Last update at Jun 1st 2015, 14:11

  • Current Level 0 /50
  • Ability Points 0 /0
  • AMP Points 0 /0
  • Elder Gems 0 /17
  • 0
    • = Locked by Tier
    • = Unlocked but Locked by Parent
    Max Health Assault Power Support Power
    Brutality 0000
    Finesse 0000
    Moxie 0000
    Tech 0000
    Insight 0000
    Grit 0000
    Strikethrough Chance 0% Critical Hit Chance 0% Critical Hit Severity 0% Deflect Chance 0% Deflect Critical Hit Chance 0%
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    Important TIPS

    1) this build is kinda special and different, it is only used if you don't have a healslinger that uses void pact in your raid because it has some decent loss of your DPS but an overall better for your raid group.
    2)it is also used in certain fights such as LATTICE where you have to kill the data devourers from range using true sight amp and within short time while also maintaining a good increase in your movement speed/ health regen from speed of the void amp.
    3)true that you lost much of your dps from quick draw tier 8 to tier 1 and urgency amp however "VOID PACT "buff and true sight amps make up a few from that dps loss.