ViO TreX's elder PVE (RAID) build for MAX DPS dps pve pvp spellslinger
Spellslinger Guide by VioTrio Last update at Jun 1st 2015, 14:18

  • Current Level 0 /50
  • Ability Points 0 /0
  • AMP Points 0 /0
  • Elder Gems 0 /17
  • 0
    • = Locked by Tier
    • = Unlocked but Locked by Parent
    Max Health Assault Power Support Power
    Brutality 0000
    Finesse 0000
    Moxie 0000
    Tech 0000
    Insight 0000
    Grit 0000
    Strikethrough Chance 0% Critical Hit Chance 0% Critical Hit Severity 0% Deflect Chance 0% Deflect Critical Hit Chance 0%
    Stat Calculator still in beta.
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    Important TIPS

    1) few things might be changed according to mechanics/raid tactics such as utilities
    if there is a fight that doesn't require cc breaks, you can replace "VOID SLIP" for "SPACIAL SHIFT" as an extra interrupt or "FLASH FREEZE" to root a fight that spawns adds or run "PURIFY" to remove powerful debuffs such as dots/slow or "PHASE SHIFT " due to its low CD in compared to "VOID SLIP" it is used to deflect reds in a fight with too many aoes/reds that have short duration in between each cast.
    2) you can also get beyond your max your deeps in a raid if you have a medic(6% crit rate aura)/esper( increase of magic damage buff and the debuff of decreasing deflect rate on bosses/another buffer spellslinger( using withering magic amp and arcane missiles skill on tier 8) beside you in the raid.