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    Hey everyone, my name's Tora and I have been an experienced Hard Mode Raider for roughly 7+ years. I have been in the closed beta and play a level 50 Spellslinger (SS). First and foremost I want to say that in Wildstar there is no be all/end all to specs. A lot of things have to do with play-style and situations, so this build might not be for everyone. Also, there may be certain encounters that would permit or necessitate the choosing of different abilities and/or amps. This build is what I currently use in game for PVE content.


    SS = Spellslinger
    hps = Heals Per Second
    aoe = Arrea of Effect (effects multiple targets in an area)
    cd = Cooldown (time before your spell can be used again)
    AP = Assault Power
    SP = Support Power
    proc = an ability activated under special circumstances (example: usable after landing a crit)


    You are the PVE Healslinger of rejuvinative healing juices, leave the damage to the dps :)

    Tier 4 Runic Healing: This is our healing spam/filler spell to be used when the others are on cd. Keep in mind not to spam unnecessarily as overhealing causes increased aggro for the healer. I take Tier 4 because it grants a Defense that decreases Magic Damage taken by 10% for 2.25 seconds, and 16% when stationary, which can be huge in boss fights that do heavy amounts of Magic Damage. You can cast this heal on the move, however it is a stronger heal when stationary. This spell has a 2 second channel and has no cd.

    Tier 1 Runes of Protection: This is one of the most important abilities in our healing arsenal. Why only one Tier point? Even though it is extremely important, the Tier 4 and 8 bonus' just aren't worth the points for the PVE setting. The absorb is very strong in and of itself, however you should ALWAYS be using this ability under the effects of Spell Surge! ALWAYS! The absorb when Spell Surged is incredibly awesome and what makes this ability shine compared to others. The absorb lasts for 10s, is instant cast and has a 18 second cd.

    Tier 4 Vitality Burst: This healing spell is somewhat unique in that it requires some thinking and monitoring while using. Thankfully this charge ability is able to be cast while on the move. You will always want to use this ability fully charged to get the maximum benefit from the Tier 4 bonus, which increases outgoing healing by 8%. If you are in a situation where you just cannot wait for that last charge due to someone taking heavy damage, it is okay to let of a 2 charge Vitality Burst. Regardless of charge you will want to roll from this directly into a Healing Torrent to get the maximum heal out of it. With a 2 or 3 charge, you can also sneak in a Healing Salve or lay down a Void Spring before the Torrent to make sure you get the extra absorb out of it as well. This spell takes 2.6 seconds to reach full charge and has a 4/6/8 second cd.

    Tier 4 Healing Salve: By far the "bread and butter" of Spellslinger healing, this should be adamantly used every time it comes off cd. This is another ability that should ALWAYS be used under the effects of Spell Surge! ALWAYS! It doubles the amount of healing that the spell does and the amount of heals you get for the focus cost is extremely nice. The Tier 4 bonus is pretty huge as well, which reduces the frequency of the tick from every 2 seconds to every 1 second. So by using Healing Salve while Spell Surged and with Tier 4 bonus, you are technically doubling the healing of the spell twice!!! This results in a very advantageous heal per focus cost. Another very nice thing about Healing Salve is that it can be cast while on the move. Healing Salve lasts for 20 seconds, has a 1 second cast, and a 10 second cd.

    Tier 4 Healing Torrent: For single target healing or healing a group, Healing Torrent comes in handy and is a very potent heal. The Tier 4 bonus makes Healing Torrent extra nice and grants a small absorb to allies that are effected by Healing Salve or Voidspring. This spell used to be spammable, but is now on a 3 second cd, which now makes us rely more on the cd rotation of our other spells. One important thing to keep in mind with Healing Torrent cost is increased by 9 each time it is cast within 8s of the previous use, and stacks 2 times. At first thought you might think the Tier 8 bonus seems worth it, and it used to be when you could spam it, but not worth sacrificing points from other spells anymore. To get the most heal for the focus cost, it is best to use while under the bonus healing effects of Vitality Burst, and HEaling Salve or Voidspring. Healing Torrent has a 1.3 second cast time and a 3 second cd.

    Tier 4 Voidspring: How about some aoe heals? Boom! Voidspring is absolutely fantastic for sustained aoe healing. Between this and Healing Salve you can effectively keep the group topped off through moderate damage. This healing ability when active, like Healing Salve, also enables an extra absorb when using Healing Torrent. The Tier 4 bonus is quite nice as it enlarges the effective radius of Voidspring from 10m to 12m which allows for more capability for movement of the group when they are trying to stay inside the radius and dodge the mob/boss telegraphs. This is also a good heal to be using on cd as it will help sustain and keep your group/raid topped off in combat. Voidspring lasts for 12 seconds, is an instant cast, and has an 18 second cd.

    Base Sustain / Astral Infusion: This is another heal in our aoe arsenal. It does have a 1.8 second charge time and should only be used at full charge. When other abilities are on cd and you are in need of aoe healing this is a great way to fill the void. If you need it in a pinch by all means Spell Surge it, as it will only take 0.6 seconds to reach full charge. Sustain has a 1.8 second cast time and a 3/6 second cd. I also list Astral Infusion in this slot in the event that you are doing a single target boss fight that doesn't have a lot of aoe damage going on. Usually fights that don't have much aoe come with a boss that hits your tank like a truck! This is where Astral Infusion comes in handy as it can provide you with a quick "oh shit" burst of healing for one target. I highly recommend that you Spell Surge the ability to get the maximum benefit of it due to its long cd. Also keep in mind that this ability has to have a target selected or it will just heal you! Astral Infusion is instant cast and has a 30 second cd.

    Base Purify: Purify is a must as a healer since there are multiple bosses and tough as nails mobs that will place a negative effect on a target or the group as a whole. There were some recent changes made to the ability: it used to be able to be cast on the entire group, however it can hit you and 4 allies, but now is now an "aimed" ability. Not only does it remove 2 debuffs, but it also grants a small heal. Purify is instant cast and has a 6 second cd.

    Arcane Shock: Arcane shock in a PVE setting is used primarily for interrupting. The reason I list it as optional is because there are some people out there that actually think the healers should participate in interrupting....NO, NO, NO! In Wildstar the healers need to heal! However, if your group is going to make you interrupt, then swap Sustain / Astral Infusion for it, but make sure to keep purify around, unless you know for certain that it won't be needed in a dungeon or on a particular encounter.

    Void Slip: There also might be certain encounters like the second boss in Veteran KV in which you will have to remove your tether, and in situations like these, Void Slip is paramount. This should be treated like Arcane Shock in that you should be sacrificing Sustain / Astral Infusion / Purify for it based on what you don't need the most in the specific encounter.



    ---Hybrid Assault/Support---
    Tier 1
    ~Critical Hit I+II+III : Increase Critical Hit Chance by 2%, total of 6%

    ~Critical Hit Severity I+II+III : Increase Critical Hit Severity by 4%, total of 12%

    Tier 2
    (When you can get it)
    ~Power Surge : Power Surge is a world drop and extremely hard to obtain. If and when you can get it, it is recommended to drop the points in Maximum Shield Capacity and Cooldowns for it. It is one of the best amps we can get for dps and healing. Power Surge increases Assault and Support Power by 8.6% when Spell Surge is active!

    Tier 1
    ~Focus Recovery I+II+III : Increase Focus Recovery rate by 0.1 seconds, total of 0.3 seconds

    ~Support Power I+II+III : Increase Support Power by 2.5%, total of 7.5%

    ~Focus Cost I+II+III : Reduces Fosus cost of abilities by 2%, total of 6%

    Tier 2
    ~Burst Power : Burst Power is going to help you maintain a consistently higher regeneration of your Spell Surge. Each time you land a critical heal you gain 6 Spell Power and there is no limit to the frequency in which it can occur. Anything to help your Spell Surge be there for you when you need it most is a worthy choice! This is a Difficult amp to find as it is a world drop, so until you can get your hands on this amp, I recommend the optional amp listed below: Desperation.

    ~Clarity : Using an ability has a 10% chance to reduce Focus cost by 20% for 4 seconds. This amp will help dramatically with Focus management since most of your Focus regeneration will come from gear and runes. Make sure to be careful with your Focus during fights when first hitting 50 as you wont have much Focus regeneration on your gear and most likely little to no runes.

    ~Augmented Armor : Landing a heal on an ally under the effects of Affinity, Runes of Protection, or Healing Salve increases armor rating by 8% for 10 seconds. This is extremely helpful for mitigating surprise spike damage. Since you will most likely always have Runes of Protection and/or Healing Salve active, you will constantly have the people you are healing getting the benefit of this amp.

    ~Savior : Landing a heal on an ally that is below 30% health grants a 10% chance to restore an additional 2740 health every 2 seconds for 4 seconds. This is a great amp for helping to bring someone back up to full health or help you keep them from dying when they are already at low health.

    Tier 3
    ~Healing Torrent : Unlocks the Healing Torrent ability.

    ~Healing Aura : Using a Spell Surged ability causes you and 4 allies within 35 meters to restore a total of 10% health every 1 second for 5 seconds. This is a great amp for kicking out heals to the people around you to keep them topped off while healing other targets, and can also really help you with overall aoe healing situations.

    ~Desperation : While your Focus is below 100, after 2 seconds generate 60 Focus every 2 second for 8 seconds, and can only occur every 120 seconds. This is a great ability to take when a fresh level 50, as it will help you out tremendously until you can start getting better gear that has Focus regeneration and runes. Once you can get ahold of Power Surge amp I would suggest dropping Desperation for it and putting the remaining two amp points in Maximum Shield Capacity.

    ---Hybrid Support/Utility---
    (Once you get Power Surge)
    Tier 1
    ~Maximum Shield Capacity I+II : Increase Maximum Shield Capacity by 3%, total of 9% This should be your "leftover" points, and when taking damage in PVE the more shields the better because we are squishy clothies!


    ---Hybrid Assault/Utility---


    *Coming Soon!


    *Coming Soon!


    So that is my little healslinger! By all means please feel free to leave comments or questions about the build or rotation, I will answer :)

    I am also an avid streamer, you can see me and my SS in action on my Twitch channel with Team Legacy.
    Twitch Channel

    You can also follow me on Twitter for news/updates and stream announcements.