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Engineer Guide by Helel Last update at Sep 1st 2014, 20:29

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    Max Health Assault Power Support Power
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    - There is no need for
    in this build, because we generate our Volatility through other means. Check out the comments section for a more detailed explanation of Volatility generation.
    - There is no need for
    in this build for the opening pull. Simply open with
    and two dashes; the Rising Volatility AMP,
    , and subsequent dashes will keep your Volatility afloat.
    - Use
    whenever your Volatility is above the 70% range. Optimally, you want this up 100% of the time, as it is one of the best active avoidance abilities in the game.
    - Use
    as often as possible. It is your main source of threat and provides a raid-wide DPS increase.
    - Use
    for situations when you need more threat. I keep this ability on my LAS during raids for most encounters. With mediocre healers (especially non-Medics) in a dungeon setting, I usually take
    instead of
    , giving me more mitigation and freeing up a space for
    - Attempt to use
    in the 30-70% Volatility range in order to capitalize on the T4 bonus. This is primarily used during situations where threat is an issue, or during raid settings where
    is unneeded.
    - Use
    in conjunction with
    for 90% shield mitigation and shield regeneration. Also useful for Volatility generation. Especially useful in conjunction with a Medic Healer.
    - Use
    as your intimidate.
    - Use
    in close-quarters, high dps encounters where you need the additional threat. Offtanks and high DPS melee, such as DPS Stalkers, are what you should be standing near (if the boss allows) as you utilize this ability to maximize the 25% threat gain. In raids, I usually use this ability on cooldown.
    - Use
    in dungeon settings when you need an interrupt and/or taunt. Not advisable for higher end content.
    - Use both
    for a total of three Interrupt Armors as needed.
    - Use
    for damage heavy encounters.


    Firstly, please notice that this build requires 46 AMP points to function. Yes, I recognize that. This is because all 46 points are required to gain access to each of the cornerstone AMPs required to make this build successful. Therefore, I advise buying an AMP point from another player as soon as possible. If this is impossible, forgo Disruptive Module and replace it with Deflect II until you can get a hold of an AMP point.

    - Critical I, II, and III provide you with access to Volatility Rising and provide additional threat via crits.
    - Volatility Rising is a key AMP for this spec. It generates an incredibly amount of Volatility and allows you to continue to apply
    and spam
    - Cooldowns I, II, and III provide you with access to Utility Tier 2, and enable you to use your abilities in quicker succession when need be.
    - Dash Regen I, II, and III provide you with more dash tokens (and therefore more Volatility). What more could you ask for?
    - CC Resilience I is a filler point that gives us access to Utility T2.
    - Reckless Dash is another one of the key elements of this build. When needed, you will be able to dash in order to build Volatility, making
    use easier (have you begun to notice that these two abilities are what Engineer tanking is all about?)
    - Repair Bot gives you access to the Repair Bot ability.
    - Maximum Shield Capacity I, II, and III increase shield capacity, which works well in tandem with the rest of the build and provides access to Hyrbid S/U Tier 2.
    - Helping Hand is a magnificent source of free health for you, and makes you easier to heal for the healers. A must have AMP.
    - Deflect I provides us with more mitigation and is an excellent filler point.
    - Support Power I, II, and III provide us with more threat.
    - Deflect Critical Hit I, II, and III are required to help you reach your goal of 15% deflect critical hit chance required for Genetic Archives.
    - Enmity provides us with even more threat. A must have AMP.
    - Boosted Armor is a flat mitigator, giving us a straight additional 12.5% armor.
    - Disruptive Module gives us access to the ability of the same name.

    - At 55 AMP points from Elder Gems, go for Quick Reboot in order to get closer to the 4 second shield regeneration hard cap, Deflect II and III for more avoidance, and Strikethrough I, II, and III for more threat. If you can reach the 4 second shield regeneration hard cap via runes and gear alone, then you can forgo Quick Reboot and instead go for either Dirty Tricks (for avoidance) or Forceful Impact (for threat, particularly in situations such as Datascape where getting deflected becomes more commonplace). Why Dirty Tricks for avoidance? If used in conjunction with both
    , you can maintain a 7% deflect chance over the course of an encounter. That's huge for 4 AMP points!