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Warrior Guide by Helel Last update at Sep 1st 2014, 20:30

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    • 0. Abilities
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    - Essentially, you will be spamming
    indefinitely, using
    whenever it's cooldown is up.
    - Always use
    on cooldown in order to maximize threat generation. As of my latest testing (8/3), Jolt is now (again) the superior Kinetic Energy spender.
    - Use
    whenever it is available. Primarily used in raid settings for extra threat, or when you have reached higher than 15% passive deflect chance.
    - Use
    whenever you are low on health or are about to receive high damage. Use it sparingly, however, because our threat generation isn't particularly high.
    are your taunts. Be sure to have at least one of these on you. Remember that
    is a permanent threat increase, whereas
    is not, while
    is excellent for controlled pulls, particularly during a raid trash setting.
    - Use
    for mobile, high burst fights.
    is also used as a movement ability. Both can be used simultaneously to great effect, such as on X-89.
    - Use
    , and
    to interrupt armor. Collectively, warrior tanks can have a total of 5 interrupt armor. That is amazingly huge!
    can be used by itself in a dungeon setting, so long as you have a Pinpoint Interrupt Armor Breaker gadget.
    - Use
    every time it's off cooldown, as it increases your threat and increases your party's damage significantly.
    - Finally, use
    for high damage phases in order to shield yourself and your party. In raids, this can help you or others who are vulnerable to damage survive, and is as a result one of the best mitigation cooldowns in the game.

    -With Elder Gems, you should remove two ability points from
    and bring
    to T7 for maximum threat in a raid setting.


    - Critical Hit I, II, and III generate a lot of threat for a small point expenditure.
    - Strikethrough I, II, and III are necessary to maintain threat because all tanks have a naturally low Strikethrough chance.
    - Cooldowns I, II, and III are a huge threat boost simply because they lower the GCD.
    - Unyielding and Kinetic Drive together allow Warrior tanks to sprint back into combat after disconnects, helping to deal with the issue of rage degeneration during disconnects.
    - Power Link provides us with the ability of the same name, which is a huge 18% increase to DPS party-wide, and is therefore an 14% threat increase for you in raids. Used optimally, this provides the party with 7% more overall dps and you with 21% more overall threat generation. A must have.
    - Support Power I, II, and III help us generate more threat.
    - Deflect I and II to give us more avoidance. It also helps proc more Atomic Spears.
    - Full Force helps us generate more threat
    - Full Defense helps proc more Atomic Spears and provides us with more avoidance.
    - Kinetic Buffer is a huge mitigation gain. Remember to always keep your Kinetic Energy above 500.
    - To the Pain is the only exclusively survivability-related talent I took.

    - With AMPs from your Elder Gems, you should remove Full Defense and put your remaining points into Critical Hit Severity I, II, and II, Assault Power I, Power Hitter, and Kinetic Fury last for increased threat generation.