SPELLSLINGER DPS Base 41AP/45AMP Build dps pve pvp spellslinger
Spellslinger Guide by Diabla Last update at Jul 19th 2014, 01:54

  • Current Level 0 /50
  • Ability Points 0 /0
  • AMP Points 0 /0
  • Elder Gems 0 /17
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    Max Health Assault Power Support Power
    Brutality 0000
    Finesse 0000
    Moxie 0000
    Tech 0000
    Insight 0000
    Grit 0000
    Strikethrough Chance 0% Critical Hit Chance 0% Critical Hit Severity 0% Deflect Chance 0% Deflect Critical Hit Chance 0%
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    • 0. Attributes
    • 1. Strikethrough Caps
    • 2. Rotation/Priority
    • 3. Runes & Rune Sets


    [color 00cc66]
    - Finesse = Assault Power
    - Moxie = Crit Hit and Crit Hit Severity
    - Brutality = Strikethrough and Crit Hit Severity


    [color 00cc66]
    - Strikethrough cap is 8% in Vet Adv/Dungeons and 15% for Raids.
    - Some factors to take into consideration:
    -- +3% w/ AMPS's Assualt T1 Strikethrough III (5% Vet - 12% Raid)
    -- +8% deflect debuff from Espers w/ T8 Telekinetic Storm (0% Vet - 7% Raid)
    -- +5% deflect debuff from Warriors (3% Vet - 10% Raid)


    [color 00cc66]
    x1 for the 10% AP buff
    + Spell Surge
    for T8 bonus
    use all charges
    on proc

    when proc'd

    1. Quick Draw for Assault Power Buff
    2. Normal+Surged Ignite
    3. Assassinate when boss/mob under 30% health
    4. Flame Burst procs
    5. Wild Barrage

    From [color orange]Tora's"[/color] Guide:
    So basically you start with one Quick draw to get your T8 10% Assault Power buff up, toss on regular ignite, pop Spell Surge and leave on, then Ignite for T8 bonus (regular+spell surge versions) With spell Surge still up use all charges of Assassinate available for instant burst damage. At this point if Flame Burst has procced, use it, then go into Wild Barrage, otherwise just use Wild Barrage. Unless your crit is ridiculously low, you should definitely have a Flame Burst proc after Wild Barrage and use it then. Spam quick Draw until both versions of Ignite are complete to keep up the T8 Assault Power buff at all times. By the time your Ignites are expired and ready to reapply you should have enough spell surge regenerated, If for some reason you do not, cast Quick Draw until you do. Use Flame Burst procs on cd, but never in between Spell Surged Ignite and Assassinate as you do not want to use up your Spell Surge on it. I like to line it up to use in between the regular and Surged Ignite, because Ignite's 0.5 second cast time sometimes makes it get casted twice in a row.


    [color 00cc66]