DROP 6 ~ PvP Medic DPS || Base Amp/Ability dps medic pve pvp
Medic Guide by IonHDG Last update at Jan 15th 2016, 04:18

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    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. CORE AMPs


    IMPORTANT: The LAS builder is currently not up-to-date for Drop 6, so you should ignore most of the ability tool tips and simply place AMP and Ability points where the guide says.

    For up to date content feel free to follow me at: Twitch.tv/IonHDG...


    Danger Zone - 10% increase in assault power for 8 seconds by simply walking within 8 meters of an enemy.
    In Flux - Another amp that increases our assault power. 8% gain for maintaining anywhere from 1 to 3 actuators which is almost impossible to screw up due to our 4 power class set bonus from Offbeat.
    Core Damage - Up to 6% increase in our outgoing damage for basically channelling Quantum Cascade.
    Entrapment - Deals extra damage to foes who are snared or rooted. Can easily account for up to 10% of our total damage.
    Chemical Burn - Provides a nice 4 second dot proc'd by multi-hits. Due to our limited options I believe this amp is a must have for medic dps.
    Critical Priority - 6% critical hit chance gain with almost no downtime.

    Your Basic Tier 1 AMPs should include Critical Hit I-III, Assault Power I-III, and PvP Offense I-III.

    Optional AMPs:

    Concerted Effort - One of my favorite amps by far though I did not list it as a core amp due to its inconsistency. There shouldn't ever be a time when Quantum Cascade isn't channelling so any sort of knockdown, subdue, stun, or knockback should effectively reduce all of your cooldowns by 1 second.
    Surgical - Provides a 6% increase in outgoing damage and healing while standing inside Field Probes.
    Recycler - This is a very useful amp to help us maintain our actuators. I would have listed this as a core amp if it wasn't for our class set Offbeat.