PVE Spam Build dps leveling pve stalker
Stalker Guide by Zedox Last update at Nov 6th 2015, 14:08

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    • 1. Disclaimer
    • 2. Purpose
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    • 4. Runes
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    "in Progress"
    Hey Guys,

    this is my pve build im Project Zedox on EU Jabbit Exile and Vnlotx Zedox on Jabbit Dominion if you have questions ask me in the comments or ingame.


    the purpose of this Build is to go for every possible (passiv) suitpower regg so you can Spam
    as much as possible.


    the Amps are based on Location and since the AMP cap is with Drop 6 57 you can take Devastete with the rest 4 Points at this point


    Endgame Fantasy:
    Claws: Fusion = Ambusher (120) / 6/6 Devastation
    Head: Fusion = Barrage (120) / 6/6 Devastation
    Shoulder: Assassin 8/8 KEY 2/6 Striker
    Chest: Fusion = Flurry (120) 6/6 Devastation
    Hands: Fusion = Shredder (120) 6/6 Devastation
    Legs: Eviscerator 8/8 KEY
    Boots: 6/6 Devastation / 2/6 Striker

    Note: only Craftable runes"


    after this point you going try to spam
    as often as Possible to go under 25% Suitpower and try to hold
    on Cooldown for the Suitpower Generates use
    everytime it is possible for the 10% dmg bugg and aim to use it inly if you below 35 Suitpower only use
    if everything is on CD and you have no Suitpower for

    note: thanks to Eviscerator 8/8 every Impale reduce the CD of your Stealth so Everytime you have the spell free to use go for it since if gives you the next attack to be a free crit and buffs Emporer that givey ou for 3 secs 20$ Crit and + 8% dmg and the amp "Whos Next" Triggers and Give you for 5 secs + 4% dmg

    pay attention to your Analyze Weakness and Ruin CD, if there are both ready go your Analyze Weakness and than Ruin.
    Analyze Weakness can mark 5 Targets but Impale just attacks 2, to trigger every dmg mark use ruin after you marked them.

    Last Words

    ok i promised i would update my guide as soon as possible but atm i dont can find the time but got ask a few times ingame if i can upgrade atleast a better rotation explanation and talk about runes so here it is if i can find some time i write more explanations and reasons for this build i still hope this can help you improve your DPS alot