Vibe's Spellslinger DPS/Healing BG build (DROP 8) dps pvp spellslinger
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    • 1. Intro
    • 2. Abilities.
    • 3. Amps
    • 4. Runes
    • 5. How to use thy build
    • 6. Other LAS's
    • 7. Healing
    • 8. Conclusion


    Sup I'm Vibe and I am a jackass. With that aside I will talk to you guys about how I play spellslinger. I have been playing spellslinger for many months and you can say that I have a firm understanding of the spellslinger language. Talking about spellslingers in pvp makes me moist so let me help you guys out.
    DISCLAIMER: This is just a guide to follow and it doesn't automatically make you a better player. I certainly did not start off running the pain train on people. It just shows you the right path to take and the rest of it really just comes down to practice. With that being said, lets roll.


    So I am sure you know of the rapid fire meta. These are the main abilities that I use.

    - Tier 8: Spam the hell out of this just make sure you actually hit the ability.
    - Tier 8: Use this every time it comes off cooldown such boom and much damage.
    - Base: Your stun and movement ability.
    - Tier 4: Your op as fuck cc break;I'll explain it later.
    - Usable when you get a critical hit use on cooldown.
    - Tier 4: use this ability on cooldown but also try to pair it with

    - Base: Try and use this when you are really trying to burst someone; (
    - Base: Your oh shit button. Use this with caution because the void is not exclusively yours someone can jump in with you and pop off some assassinates.


    For starts I will post a picture of my amps and than I will explain why I chose them.

    The ASSAULT tree goes as follows:
    Tier 1
    Assault Power Tiers 1-3: No reason to explain that.
    Tier 2
    Piercing Shots: Pretty snazzy amp. Its a 100% uptime on 12% armor pierce.
    : You will pretty much always be doing 7.5% more physical/magical damage so rapid fire shreds shit.
    Tier 3
    : You know just for extra burst.
    : It's a 10% damage increase when you use a surged ability.
    : Got nerfed in drop 8 but it is still really good its a 9% total critical hit chance increase. So in combat you will sit at like 35/36% critical hit.

    the HYBRID A/U tree goes as follows
    Tier 1
    PvP Power tiers 1-3: Not gonna explain this
    : This amp is actually one of the most important amps that we have at our disposal. It makes it so whenever you stun/interrupt someone your next attack has a 100% chance to be a critical hit. Pretty much just turn some aurin into a pile of ashes with
    . ALWAYS use charged shot after you use
    on someome. The crits make me moist. On a side note
    can also be used to proc shock and awe BUT you actually have to interrupt a spellcast in order for it to proc. You can drop
    to get
    if you really want to.

    The UTILITY tree goes as follows
    Tier 1
    Cooldowns Tiers 1-3: Cus you know reduced cooldowns is the shit.
    Tier 2
    : This thing has you running like the flash after you use
    . Oh shit and
    too. Its a 25% movment speed increase when you use those abilities and you generate a small amount of hp over time.
    : Its just an amp that helps with spellpower generation.
    : Your greatest tool for kiting people. It makes you immune to being dazed for a few seconds after you dash. It is absolutely crucial to kiting. It works really well with the acrobat fusion rune but I use quick feet cus run speed is fun.
    Tier 3
    : This ability is also your baby because it makes you run fast as fuck. Overall the ability is 30% movement speed increase for 3 seconds AND it reduces your cooldowns by 50% AND it increases your assault and support power by 12% so all in all thats 1 bad ass ability.

    The HYBRID A/S tree goes as follows
    Tier 1
    Critical hit chance tiers 1-3: More crits is nice
    Critical hit severity Tier 1: The amp kinda sucks now but its still better than the other stuff
    Tier 2
    : This amp is OP as fuck with
    . All of your abilities come back so fast.
    Is like a 10 second cooldown and
    can potentially have its cooldown almost cut in half too. Overall you NEED to take the amp.

    Some of the amps can be swapped out purely for preference. Gunslinger is one such amp to swap out. If you are having trouble with spell surge you can swap out gunslinger and get critical surge in the assault tree to help. Or you can get locked and loaded for more crit sev the choice is yours really. Everything else is pretty much needed.



    As for my runes I dont do anything out of the ordinary. I just use all devastation runes and I believe I have a resurgence crit rune in my pants and chest as the 5th slot. Ever since free to play came about that rune set has been the thing that every burst class uses. There is a way to get more crit sev but you have to sacrafice crit. You can put in a bunch of vindication class sets in your gear and have only a couple of critical hit runes. If you are running the gunslinger amp it is okay. As for my fusion runes I use quick feet in my shoes to help with kiting, enrage in my gloves for extra damage, deadly blows in my helmet for more crit sev, and venom in my weapons for stalker tracking.

    These are some pictures of what my runes look like in rune master AND what it looks like if you go the more crit sev heavy route. If you are gonna go the crit sev heavy route you are going to want to take the locked and loaded amp for 24% more crit sev + the 2 crit sev amps for maximum boom. You will definitely be over the crit sev soft cap.

    How to use thy build

    So I play my spellslinger a certain way to try and save my skin most of the time. The first thing I usually do when I start a fight is run away. Crazy right? Not, I run away to get myself in a comfy spot to take my exile guinea pigs to pound town. This build relies heavily on movement speed and the 1 real weakness is snares. Snares are cancer and I am that guy that uses cc breaks on snares so I can run away.

    Also if you are gonna use this build you are going to want to know the burst combinations.
    The first major one goes
    That burst is really disgusting and can almost 100 to 0 someone. If everything crits there is a good chance that you will 100 to 0 them the source is me.
    The second burst combo doesnt do AS much damage but it still fuckin hurts; it goes,
    -->proceed to spam
    on cooldown and weave in some
    literally there is no other build that competes with this damage wise.

    Tips for fighting other classes:
    First off dont sit in whirlwind it hurts a lot. I usually save my
    to interrupt whirlwind. Not much goes into fighting a warrior. I just kite them, there is only a handful of warriors that can actually hit me. Its a whole lot of
    . If they grapple you u in just
    to break the root. Save void slip for when you cant get out of a whirlwind. Overall slinger beats warrior.

    The thing about fightng stalkers is they will hit you once before you can do anything. That first hit usually hurts too. All you have to do after that is hit them with anything to put the venom dot on them. After that you can track them cus of the dot. Save
    for stun.
    if you really need to. Dont let them reset because they get free crits out of stealth. Break tethers with assassinate. It really is childs play when you know where a stalker is because most of them run away if you know where they are.

    Fighting medics is easy just
    them when they use urgency,
    their root or stun, they will never have both. Keep
    up to run fast and just kite. Use
    on cooldown.

    Fighting engis is kinda hard. You may want to swap
    if you are dueling an engi. Interrupt them with
    when they are using electrocute to get the shock and awe proc. More often than not they will cc break the swap. Still make the charged shot connect. Use
    to get
    back. Stun with
    again. Use
    for extra burst.

    It will either be hard or pretty easy depending on how good of an esper they are. Save
    for the disarm. Dash to get up if they use crush. Swap them if root u. If they use the crush+root combo use
    . They are squishy you can almost global them with a charged shot crit+assassinate.

    Fighting spellslingers you may also want
    instead of
    . Interrupt their
    with the swap and guarentee you they will cc break with
    . Just dont miss. After the IA falls off use gate than charged shot. Again dont miss assassinate for extra burst. If they void slip gate use your gadget and hit them when they come out.

    Thats all my pvp tricks and tips for fighting people.

    Some other weird tricks that I use is like mind fuckery. A lot of times I wont stun the guy that im trying to kill with gate when I am in a group. Ill stun some random guy and hit my true target with the real shot. You can also blast someone with
    without them being able to react. Start charging one while aiming away from them and rotate the camera and center the poor soul behind u and right click and release the nuke.

    Other LAS's

    Here is a list of all the builds that I play with from time to time, each 1 is good in its own way.

    : Tier 8

    : Tier 4

    : Tier 8
    : Tier 4

    This is the old reliable build that I used for months and it still works really realllllly good you just wont do as much damage as the rapid fire spec. You can still global people easy mode though

    : Tier 8

    : Tier 4
    : Tier 8
    : Tier 4

    This build has the highest hitting charged shots because of the really gross
    debuffs. It also benefits anyone else using magic abilities like spellslingers or espers.

    : Tier 8

    : Tier 4
    : Tier 8
    : Tier 4

    This one can be called a rail gun build because of the range you get out of
    . This build has the biggest burst potential compared to any of the other builds. BUT you really gotta land
    for this build to shine. A tip with true shot is to aim a little bit in front of whoever you are trying to hit. Obviously in the direction that they are moving.

    : Tier 8

    : Tier 4

    : Tier 8
    : Tier 4

    This build generally works better for people with high latency because wild barrage is easy to hit and actually does a lot of damage. Even if you have normal latency this build still works really well for cleaving/snaring massive groups of people. If you like seeing numbers all over your screen use this.

    : Tier 8
    : Tier 8
    : Tier 4

    : Tier 4

    : Tier 8
    : Tier 8

    : Tier 4

    : Tier 4


    : Tier 8
    : Tier 4
    : Tier 4

    : Tier 8

    That is all the builds that I really play around with any questions about them just let me know.


    So healing in drop 8 changed quite a bit in pvp for slingers. right now I use a heavy aoe focused build with a super high focus pool cus I dont use
    anymore. The gist of my build is to heal big groups but it does struggle to keep up just 1 guy getting his face smashed in. This is a BG focus build and isnt exactly effective for arenas. I dont know if the build is the best but it works for me. I picked those runes because vit burst uses a fuckload of focus and I needed a huge focus pool to be able to put out the healing that the LAS requires. If you are used to runic healing well its kinda tough cus it only heals one person now so vit burst>runic healing by a mile. The LAS is as follows

    : Tier 8
    : Tier 4

    : Tier 4
    : Tier 4
    : Tier 4

    Runes and Amps are here

    You are free to experiment with runes and such and if you find something better than what I use please let me know cus I will probably use it.


    If you are looking to contact me in game my main slinger on NA is named Vibe Ross have fun slinging spells. Perhaps I will keep updating the guide or maybe not dont know. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE