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    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Pre Max Ability and Amp Points
    • 3. Meta Slave
    • 4. Amps
    • 5. Runes
    • 6. Heals


    Hi I'm Vibe I'm sure I've blown you up in pvp a time or two atleast and I am going to tell you how to sling spells my way. This will also be a general pvp guide as in where to get you're starter pvp gear with gold, how to rune it, pre max amp and ability point builds, and some of my tricks and alternate builds that you might find suitable to your play style. I'll tell you how to contact me if you have any questions about pvp and the matrix I'll help you out. Without anymore delay lets go.

    Pre Max Ability and Amp Points

    I decided to make a small intro to Slinger pvp because obviously not everyone can use the build I post right away and it may take a while to reach that point. First things first you go buy the Quarter Master Livius (Dominion) He is to the right of the contract board. Buy this gear:

    This is the base line pvp gear and if you go into a battleground in your pve gear you are just gonna have a bad time I promise you. There is also a support set of gear right below the dps gear. All of this can be bought with a couple plat. If you don't have enough money hit me up in game and I will throw plat your way to buy it. Now don't stop there, before you go into a battleground take 10 minutes to throw some high runes into that gear. I took the liberty of buying the ILvl65 gear and throwing some runes in it so you know what it looks like.

    That is for the dps set. Don't put any fusion runes in that gear because you are already short on rune slots to increase your damage from the runes. Now, for your abilities; since you're damage isn't gonna be top notch I would focus more on the cc department rather than killing people. The Las I put together is:

    -Tier 1
    -Tier 8

    -Tier 4

    -Tier 8

    Don't get me wrong you will be able to do decent damage with this build and those runes but I would definitely focus on ccing the enemy team with
    . If you are new I recommend the Break Free gadget. Once you feel confident I would take Brutality for the

    The amps you want to use for the dps set is:
    This is what I personally came up with. This is for when you are a fresh 50 and need a starting point. Do not go into a bg naked pls.

    Now for the fresh 50 healing set. I also took the liberty of buying the healing set too and tossing the runes I felt I would use if I was a fresh 50. You get the gear from the same vendor that you bought the dps gear from. The runes I tossed into the gear are:

    I'm not gonna lie to you, its rough healing as a fresh 50 but this is what I came up with to not be out of focus all the time while still being able to be a useful healer. If you get stuck solo healing a bg in this gear its gonna be a struggle bus but if there is another healer you should be okay.
    The LAS I would use as a fresh 50 is
    -Tier 8
    -Tier 4

    -Tier 4
    -Tier 5

    This is a tried and true battleground healing build. If you are lazy like me you can spam
    at c1 but it does consume a lot of focus so try not to overheal. Now if you want to be efficient you want to be efficient, use c2
    and c3 when you need the buff from casting it at c3 which is a 8% healing buff. You don't want your focus to get too low so when you hit about 50% focus use
    . Use
    When you can hit most of the group with it.
    is for when you need to burst heal someone that is low, Make sure to spell surge it. Use
    when you are expecting big damage from someone. Mainly a spellslinger using
    or stalkers impaling. Make sure you spellsurge that too because you get extra absorb. The amps I use with the healing set is:

    That wraps up the fresh 50 stuff now the runes I used in the gear will work for pretty much any class you play but obviously you will have to use different builds for classes:P

    Meta Slave

    Now for the good shit. Spellsingers are in a very good place in pvp right now. A good spellslinger can pretty much determine how a match will turn out. put 2 good ones on one team and its a wrap guaranteed. Their burst is 100% unmatched by any class and they have few weaknesses which I will blurb about later. i'll go in depth with the abilities and why I chose them.

    : This ability is literally probably the most broken ability in PvP. It has amazing synergy with
    and the spellslinger class set Vindication. Your cooldowns literally reset so fast that it is almost impossible to lockdown a spellslinger because of how fast
    just keeps popping back up. If done perfectly you can use
    about 4 times in a 27 second span which is pretty retarded because the stated cooldown for
    is 26 seconds and the cooldown for
    20 seconds. Pretty silly right? lol. On top of that the ability gives you a 4% damage increase which stacks with every ability.

    : This is my favorite ability in the game. It is the hardest hitting ability in pvp by a large margin. In a battleground it will equal about 30-45% of your total damage. Make sure to try and hit 3+ people with it because it applies a crapload of pressure to the enemy team assuming they get crit. It also synergies with the amp
    because when you stun/interrupt someone you it makes it so your next ability has a 100% chance to critically hit. You always want to use that proc with
    because such damage.

    : Your stun/movement ability that you use to proc
    . Something to note when you use
    it increases your movement speed by 25% because of the amp

    : Your cc break which gives you 1 Interrupt armor, 100% armor rating, and 100% deflect critical hit. Something to note, Abilities that benefit from something that guarantees a crit cannot be deflected.

    : These 2 abilities are interchangeable but the one I use more often is
    . It provides extra burst because you can use it while casting other abilities.
    is for when I am getting focused pretty bad. Sometimes you can say its a damage increase over
    because I am able to land

    : This is a assault power buff/movement speed buff. This ability is what makes the whole build complete because it makes kiting so much easier. Use the ability on cool down while also trying to use it to reduce the cool down of
    with it because it reduces the cool downs of your assault/support cooldowns.

    : Its just that dded burst that you need to kill someone with. I think its an essential ability to take because sometimes it cries for like 15k+

    : Your standard oh shit button that you use when you put yourself somewhere that you don't belong. Note that it isnt your own personal void, other slingers can chase you into the void and possibly kill you.


    The amps that I prefer to use are:

    Ill talk about the important ones and why I use em.

    In the assault tree I choose are:
    ]Assault amps 1-3 obviously for more assault power
    Critical Surge: This helps with spell surge generation
    Deadly Chain: Adds quite the damage boost to both magic and physical damage
    : Obviously cus its a part of the build
    Gunslinger: Gives a large critical hit chance increase
    Surge Damage: 10% damage increase every time you use a spellsurged ability, which is like all the time.

    Hybrid A/U
    PvP Power 1-3:PvP POWER in pvp is a good thing
    Shock and Awe: This is one of the most important amps of the whole build. It is where the burst comes from. There is a combo that I use for bursting someone down and it has a chance to global someone. That comes is
    x2 for maximum pain Kappa

    Cooldown reduction 1-3: reduced cool downs cus reduced cool downs are cool
    Speed of the void: 25% movrment speed increase for a few seconds when you use
    , or
    makes kiting love and life. AND it heals you for a bit which may save you from dot damage.
    Reorient: Makes it so you are immune to daze for a few seconds after you dash which is great.
    Readiness: You generate a couple extra spell surge in combat when you have spell surge turned off
    : For obvious reasons running like sonic is cool.
    Hybrid A/S
    Critical Chance 1-3: More critical hits is more big damage
    Trigger Fingers; Redcues the cool downs of your cool downs by a bit using

    Just know that all the tooltips on this site are wrong for the most part and pay more attention to the pictures


    I use the cookie cutter rune set. Pretty much any slinger you can see runs this set and might as well join the club.

    The fusions I choose to run are:

    Head: Deadly Blows, just for the extra crit sev

    Weapon: Venom/Bludegon, venom for stalkers, bludgeon for extra damage; take your pick

    Boots: Quick feet for movement speed

    Gloves: Enrage for a small damage increase


    The max amp/ability point healing build isn't much different from the other one buy the runes are WAYYYYY different.

    The LAS is:
    - Tier 8
    - Tier 4

    - Tier 4
    - Tier 4
    - Tier 4

    This is a really really focus intensive build. That's why I run a large focus pool and high focus recovery. The fusion runes are also mostly focus recovery because I never wanna fuckin run out of focus. To be really efficient you want to use C2
    because its more heals per second than when using it at c1. Use c3 when you want to get the bastion buff for increased heals. Use
    as much as you can but don't use it while your team is getting hammered because they will die while you're casting it. Use
    when you are at about 50% focus to keep the intensity buff from the fusion.
    for big burst heals on a single target. Give your team
    when you are expecting big damage from something like

    The runes I use are:

    And the amps I use are: