OP Primeval [Dual-Wield] 3.0 archery dps masspvp pvp usefull
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  • 2. Warning!
  • 3. Gears?
  • 4. Keybinds ?
  • 5. Why not stonearrow ?
  • 6. How can i stay out of enemy's range ?
  • 7. How to do stun combos.
  • 8. what i need to do for enemy stuns?
  • 9. Archery vs Plate Gears.
  • 10. What are you thinking about archery 3.0 skills?
  • 11. Primeval/Darkrunner 3.0 (Fresh start)
  • 12. Primeval 3.0 [Prophecy]
  • 13. Primeval 3.0
  • 14. Primeval 2.9
  • 15. NOTICE!


Hi everyone,
I created this page for your "questions".

-Added some info about "Gears?".

-Added some info about "Keybinds?".


i'm using t5 obsidian set + Hardy Warrior’s Guards + Auroria Promise Belt

Obsidian spear + Obsidian dagger is ideal.(if you want you can use dual dagger too)
And you need one bad/good shield you can use it when many ppls trying to kill you.

What is your accessory?

Serpentis ring + Gale ring
Flame + Gale Earring
Archeum Evernight Necklace (Rank 13)

Keybinds ?

I don't want to share keybinds here because everyone can't use same keybinds easly.

What keybind's making you fastest use it.

Some ppls using only mouse , stop doing it.It's so stupid.(I'm using pet skills on mouse)

Everyone can't play in comfort with others keybinds, make your own please.

Why not stonearrow ?

As they says "stone".

You can move like Zombie but you need to learn "You can't play good without good move speed."

You can't play out of enemy range(maybe you don't need it for physc dps enemy but mages can kill you easly and good primeval too)

How can i stay out of enemy's range ?

Try to use

Try to use
when someone near you.

How to do stun combos.

If enemy is Darkrunner , don't let them to dps chance.
Don't forget! Keep your range from enemy stuns



!! if you broke their dps !!


what i need to do for enemy stuns?

Always keep your eyes on
cooldown and use
+ Stun Combos.

You can break enemy skill castings with

Use it when you see someone casting "Arc Lightning"/
on you.

Archery vs Plate Gears.

Maybe it's hard to kill but you can kill plate gears with 90% hp easly, just try to keep range.

You can do more damage with
on plate.


if he has "Redoubt" don't show yourself, just wait or try to steal it with

What are you thinking about archery 3.0 skills?

+50 meters range is soo good but don't use it if you're not in safe (Use it at mountain/objects) else you can't move like bait.

Did not tried 55 hatred yet...

Follow me on Youtube for new videos...
Still on working...


Primeval/Darkrunner 3.0 (Fresh start)

Primeval 3.0 [Prophecy]

Primeval 3.0

Primeval 2.9


Started on fresh server, now i'm still primeval...
You can use my build, it's still working.
I'll share new videos on youtube soon...