Shaco PvP Stalker 1v1 Burst Build dps pve pvp stalker
Stalker Guide by Blankspace Last update at Mar 29th 2014, 18:41

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    Max Health Assault Power Support Power
    Brutality 0000
    Finesse 0000
    Moxie 0000
    Tech 0000
    Insight 0000
    Grit 0000
    Strikethrough Chance 0% Critical Hit Chance 0% Critical Hit Severity 0% Deflect Chance 0% Deflect Critical Hit Chance 0%
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    This Stalker Build is very Simple and is very destructive for bringing down most 1v1 targets.

    Phlebotomize gets T8 for 5.2 seconds of Overloaded Shields. Goodbye Health pool!
    Analyze Weakness also gets T8 for 2 different reasons:

    Impale is placed at T4 because you want the 45% Armor Pierce from behind or in Stealth. Going to T8 isn't worth it because it is only 5 suit power (you are saving 10-15 MAX for a spam session anyways).
    Is used to create distance. Using it for the snare is very hit or miss, literally. You can trade this out with
    with a nice clone for massive trolling/giggles.

    Priority Cycle is the following:
    In stealth you line up
    and use a free
    . Wait the 3-4 seconds and line up another
    followed this time by a
    . You drop the lovely
    . Setup a very easy
    which will allow you to use this again towards the end of your cycle. You will preemptively setup the
    , use your innate which should be the one that puts you back in stealth and gives you the lovely 100% change to critical hit again. Instead of hitting with
    first this time we will open with the heavy
    as the enemy should be pretty low/close to dead or is fighting extremely hard to heal themselves while ducking and dodging you right now. You hit them with the
    at this time. Everything else from here is a variation of this rotation, if you miss a hard CC, and how skilled your opponent is.

    Good luck with your stalker play! They are a ton of fun but when someone notices you on the back line going hard into a healer expect someone to turn and peel quickly! Don't be afraid to use
    to make a hasty retreat to come back when your own shields regenerate!

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